Frequently Asked Questions
  • Question:What keywords are available to search the site?
    Answer:Colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, purple, black, white, gray, brown, sepia, gold
    Seasons: spring, summer, fall, winter
    Location: Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming
    water, river, waterfall,
    ocean, coast, beach, sand, surf, mist, fog
    mountains, prairie, Palouse, desert, forest, rocks,
    flowers, wildflowers, trees, specific types of trees (aspen, vine maple, etc)
    sunrise, sunset, night, moon, sky, clouds, storm
    Basque, sheep, cattle, horses, cowboys, rodeo, barns, farms, ranch, agriculture
    wildlife, elk, deer

  • Question:Who did the image scans for your website?
    Answer:Tim Buckley, at Northwest Digital Imaging, in Boise, Idaho. He can be contacted at:, or (208)376-5749

  • Question:Do you ship overseas?
    Answer:Yes we do. Shipping will be either by regular post or Fedex. We will provide you a price estimate prior to shipping.

  • Question:Why do you not offer Ifochrome prints?
    Answer:About mid 2004, the Iford Company stopped making the papers and chemicals for their Ilfochrome process. They have replaced this with an inkjet printing process using their specially developed papers.

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